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"Where did you get your name ?"

Baragwanath, Baragwaneth, Baragwanoth, - bara gwaneth, 'wheaten bread', or one who only eats wheaten bread, alternately, bar gwaneth, 'the top of the wheat field'. A Gaelic family name originating in Cornwall, England.


Somethimes mistakenly attributed to the Welsh Bara Brith, literaly translated; Speckled Bread, a traditional Welsh fruit loaf or cake. (see Bara Brith). Also mistakenly quoted as being Hindi in origin.


Baragwanath Family Name and History in South Africa;

The name 'Baragwanath' or 'Bara' is an old and well recognised place name in South Africa, but few people realise its origins and the history of the family from whom the name is derived


First Baragwanaths recorded in Towdernack, Cornwall  circa 1590


Historical / Engineering Interest:|


Leopard Motor Vehicle Restoration Project;

Information and picture diary of the ongoing restoration of a most unusual vehicle and scarce survivor of the Rhodesian Bush War. Also "Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of Rhodesia 1965 to 1980"


Mini Moke vehicles produced in Africa

Particularly those produced and used in Zimbabwe in the 1960's and 70's.


Rhodesia Ridgeback Motorcycle

Ever seen or heard of one of these rare motorcycles ? Please contact me !


South African Mini Mk3

Good, old fashioned, round nose Mini with a Boot / Trunk, a South African peculiarity.


Generator, Home or Domestic Power Generator FAQ's

Automatic Starting and Change Over Unit, ATS, AMF. UPS's and Invertors

"Some of my best friends are generator and UPS salespersons ....."

All the tricks, traps and gobbledy gook when considering aquiring a power generator for your home or even office .....


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