"The Fridge Friend"

|an Automatic Voltage Protection Switch or AVS for sensative Appliances


Under Construction (especial the spelling and grammar) .....

So, what exactly does the "Fridge Fiend", as my so called friends call it, actually do ?

Well, the FF unit is pluged in betwwen the Fridge or sensative appliance to be protected, and constantly monitors the power going to the appliance to be protected. Naturaly, the unit is fitted with extensive point of protection protection, to protect itself and the applianance from any bumps or surges from the power supply.

Should the FF detect a power failure, or the incoming power being out of parameter or varying by 10%, (ie the supply rising too high or dropping too low), the FF immediatly switches off the appliance and isolates it to protect it from any damage that may be caused by the power supply.

The FF will keep the appliance switched off and safe untill the power either returns or returns back to within normal parameters and provided the power supply is stable, will wait a while, usualy between 3 and 10 mins depending on where you set the timer to, before switching the appliance back on.

This delay time has two distinct advantages in that it protects Fridges, Aircons etc from being damaged by trying to restart to soon (remeber the "labouring" sound previously mentioned) but also allows the protected appliances to come back on in a stepped delay sequence, making it easier for a Gen set, if the Gen is providing the power, or preventing trip switches tripping on the normal mains supply, because there are too many devices trying to start up at once.

There are commerical variants of the FF around on the South African market (which I have the details for if needed), but have found that they are not that easy to find, nor have the longer delays needed to deal with their being 3 fridges in the house to look after. As a result, the FF was home brewed and would be available if someone asked nicely or wanted a 1000 or so. (They are all hand crafted units and worth every cent, I belive, for what they do).   


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